Fun-mod about Bar 100 Rads to meet with new friends

Bar «100 Roentgen» | What is it?

We are planned to create the mod where YOU can meet other stalkers online - based on our X-Ray Multiplayer modification. Talk in VC, search and sell artefacts, talk with NPC's, kill mutants and enjoy our Open-World demonstration together.

We are inspired in Spectrum's project location Bar and re-maked location to play it together. Location includes our Mutants, Artefact-respawns, Traders, Quest-chars, Mechanics


  • «R.A.D» Multiplayer Open Beta | S.T.A.L.K.E.R. OpenWorld mod 2022 Bar «100 Roentgen» | X-Ray Online mod | ENG/РУС
  • Bar «100 Roentgen» | X-Ray Online mod | ENG/РУС | Play now!